Baroque Rome Group Tour

Tour Description

If you are a Lover of Art then this Baroque Rome Group Tour  is perfect to allow you to discover the Baroque artists that enriched Rome’s heritage with their magnificent artworks!

Learn about the artists’ secrets, passions and rivalries as your English speaking guide will lead you through Baroque Rome to discover master of the likes of Michelangelo, Bernini and Caravaggio. What’s more, you will get to enjoy an intimate setting as you explore the Art since your group will be comprised of up to 20 people.

The exploration begins in Navona Square where you will first discover Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers along with the meaning behind each statue. One of them in particular will surely catch your eye, it appears to be covering its eyes as if disgusted by the church in front of the fountain. Is this because the church was designed by Borromini, Bernini’s known rival? Ask your dedicated expert guide to find out everything about this!

Discover the Pantheon next, originally built in 2nd century AD only to later be converted into a church by Pope Bonifatius IV, it was dedicated to St. Mary and the Martyrs. This circular building has a peculiar Dome with a hole right in the middle and your guide will take the time to explain about this design choice and how the building was built. While in the Pantheon square, remember to enjoy some world famous Italian gelato!

St. Ignatius Church will fascinate you with the fake dome it features designed by Andrea Pozzo. Once you make a stop at the Trevi Fountain, remember to throw a coin in! Ask you guide why this is done. Learning fascinating story will make you fall in love with the Eternal City even more!

The Spanish Steps are your final destination once you will view masterpieces by the likes of Caravaggio, Raphael and Bernini.  So much more is waiting for you with our Best of Baroque Rome Tour!

A sunset tour of Rome’s best Baroque masterpieces is certainly full of magic. Contact us and we will be glad to arrange for you the best Baroque Rome experience of all times!



Tour in a friendly, small group of maximum 20 people

Enjoy the explanation of a local, licensed guide with a degree in Art History or Archaeology

Walk in the city centre and admire all the masterpieces of Baroque art

Admire Trevi Fountain, Navona Square, Pantheon, Spanish Steps and many other sites on the way

Navona Square
Sant’Agostino Church
Sant’Ignatius Church
Colonna Square
Pietra Square
Trevi Fountain
Spanish steps

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Tour's Notes

Bring comfortable shoes and a refillable plastic water bottle.

2.5 hour English-speaking Guide
Headsets for a better listening


At Navona Square, by Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers