Roman Forum and Colosseum Dungeons Small group Tour

Tour Description

Our Colosseum Dungeons and Roman Forum Small Group Tour is simply the ultimate Ancient Rome experience; having the chance to visit the Dungeons and the Arena of the Colosseum, normally close to general public, you will feel like a real Gladiator! Enjoy this 3 hour tour as part as a friendly small group up to 24 people to make it even more fun! Please consider that spots are limited so make sure you reserve yours!

The tour starts in our office located in Via Frangipane 30, where you will meet your local licensed guide along with the rest of your group. Your first visit will be the Colosseum, which is just a few minutes walking distance from our office. Headsets will be provided to ensure you enjoy each word your guide says. Once inside, tour around the Colosseum on the regular path as well as inside the restricted areas, only accessible through a special reservation!

See the Arena, where the actual fights took place and explore the Colosseum Dungeons, where Gladiators used to get ready for their fights and cruel beasts were held before the shows. Your English-speaking guide will be with you the whole time to tell you the most interesting facts about Ancient Rome, Colosseum and its brave, strong fighters.

Your next stops will be Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum. This is where Ancient Romans really lived their everyday lives. The Forum is where social life took place, since temples, markets and lots of business and political meeting places were located there; houses and villas were on the Palatine Hill. You will be surprised to see how huge and well-preserved these areas are. Remember that our knowledgeable guide will be at your disposal throughout the tour to tell you everything about what you are visiting. Feel free to ask everything you want to know and at the end of the day you will be Ancient Rome’s top expert!

Do you want to discover Ancient Rome’s best locations with the best guide? Are you ready to feel like time has turned back? Do you want to have a great time while learning many interesting things? If you answered yes at least to one of these questions, there is nothing you can do but booking our Colosseum Dungeons and Roman Forum Small Group Tour!

Skip the line tickets for the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

Colosseum Arena

Colosseum Dungeons

Classical tour of the Colosseum plus Palatine Hill and Roman Forum

Small group tour of maximum 24 people

Colosseum Restricted Areas (Arena and Undergrounds)
Other areas of the Colosseum
Roman Forum
Palatine Hill

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3 hours English-speaking guide
Skip the line tickets f(22 euros) + reservation fee (2 euros)
Access to the restricted areas (Arena, Dungeons)
Headsets for a better listening


Meet your guide at our office located on Via Frangipane 30, just 2 minutes away from the entry of the Colosseum. In order to reach our office by public transport you need to take the Metro line B (the blu one) and get off at Colosseum station. You need to exit from the ground floor, having the Metro station on your back and the Colosseum in front of you. Turn right and walk for about 3 minutes along Via dei Fori Imperiali. Just before the Information Point with the big “i” sign on the wall above the entrance, on your right end side, you will see a little arch. Pass through the arch, walk alongside the little alley and you will find our office at the end of it, crossing the street. You can also get there by taxi, asking to be dropped off to Via Frangipane 30. Please be aware that on public transports, you might find pickpockets.