Super-Special Leonardo Da Vinci Private Tour for Kids with Florence City Center

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Leonardo da Vinci Museum
Historical City Center
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Strozzi Palace
Cathedral of Florence
Old Bridge
Signoria Square

Tour Description

Leonardo Da Vinci private tour for kids is a combination of a city tour and a museum. Accompanied by a private kid-friendly guide, in this family oriented tour, the whole family will have an unforgettable experience discovering the Genius of Leonardo. The museum preserves many, drawings and machines of Leonardo Da Vinci. Leonardo dedicated most of his life making projects for all kinds of machines like bellicose machines, civil engineering machines and machine of flight.

Leonardo da Vinci lived between 1452 and 1519 and was one of the greatest geniuses of all times. During his life, he wrote several manuscripts, made several paintings famous worldwide and designed many models of machines, which were absolutely revolutionary for the XVI century. Also, you will have an outdoor view of Davanzati Palace, the Strozzi Palace and the religious center with the Cathedral of Florence, Gate of Paradise, Old Bridge and Signoria Square. It is a real museum in the open air, with statues exposed everywhere.

Florence and Leonardo 3 hour tour for families is truly the best way to feel and touch history and art. Do not forget that in Italy a story lies behind each palace and it will be fun to discover the intrigues of the aristocratic families once living in the luxury palaces you are about to visit. The Leonardo Museum is a unique experience for your children as they will be touching with their hands what they will seen on the books!

You can extend the tour of one hour including the visit at Holy Cross church where you can see Galileo Galilei’s tomb and visit an historical leather laboratory that made Florence world famous for the leather workmanship.

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Tour's Notes

DRESS CODE: in order to enter religious sites, such as Churches, every participant must make sure they cover their shoulders and knees.
We also suggest you wear comfortable shoes, as a moderate amount of walking is involved in this tour.
Please note that it is not possible to skip the line for the entrance at the Cathedral. In case there is line, you can decide with your guide to not visit it.

3-hour child-friendly private guide
Skip the line tickets for the Leonardo da Vinci museum

Gratuity for the guide
Food and drinks
Any other things not mentioned in the itinerary

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