Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Venice: Fireworks and Parties on the Giudecca Canal Tours

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It’s no secret that the city of Venice is full of infinite beauty, not only thanks to its magnificent buildings and monuments but also to its local culture. If you’re planning on visiting Venice during the Holidays and want to get lost completely in the Venetian traditions, celebrating New Year’s Eve here will definitely make for a great experience. Whether you’d like to celebrate the upcoming year with an intimate dinner with your significant other or a more complex party, Venice has everything you could look for!

Let’s find out something more about celebrating New Year’s Eve in Venice and why you should do it at least once in a lifetime!

4 Ideas to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Venice

Visiting the city of Venice during the holidays and choosing to celebrate New Year’s Eve here is pretty much a great option for everybody as this city offers a large variety of experiences. The weather in Venice during the Holiday season is quite cold but don’t let this bring you down. The city gets quite foggy and sometimes rainy around New Year’s Eve so we suggest bringing warm clothes and an umbrella with you but, even if the weather is colder than usual, the atmosphere will surely keep you warm!

Let’s go over some of the things you can do in Venice on 2024’s New Year’s Eve:


1. Dine in a typical Venetian Restaurant

Eating is one of the most important elements of Italian culture and the city of Venice is definitely no exception. Dining at a local restaurant in the city is a great way to get to know the Venetian culture. The typical dinner usually consists of fish but you will also find some great meat-based dishes. We highly suggest you eat some of the most popular desserts like Pandoro and Panettone right after your dinner, also referred to as “Cenone” in Italian, and then eat some lentils right after the stroke of midnight. It is believed that eating lentils will bring good luck and prosperity in the new year. If you want to get to know more about Venice’s traditional food, you can book a culinary tour of the city.


2. Go to a Party on the Giudecca Canal

If you’re more of a party person, you could go celebrate New Year’s Eve on Giudecca Island at the Officine 800. This party starts with a big aperitif and a big dinner, which will be followed by a DJ set. Over 700 people are going to attend this party to celebrate the new year!


3. Admire the Fireworks in St. Mark’s Square

Another thing you could do is celebrate the beginning of the new year in St. Mark’s Square, which usually fills up with hundreds of people who gather around to listen to some music and exchange hugs and kisses with loved ones at the stroke of midnight. St. Mark’s Square is also one of the best places to admire the fireworks show that takes place on this night. If you want to explore the beauty of St. Mark’s Square in Venice.


4. Attend a Concert at La Fenice Opera House

If you enjoy live music and are looking for an elegant night, we suggest you attend La Fenice Opera House’s New Year’s Eve concert. This magical theater fills up with an orchestra that will surely give you goosebumps with its beautiful harmonies. The show is also accompanied by some dancers and it’s worldwide broadcasted on television.


Spending New Year’s Eve in Venice will definitely make for an amazing experience. Whether you enjoy partying or more elegant and intimate nights, Venice has everything you could ever search for! If you want to get to know more about this magical city and Italy in general, check out our other blogs and book a private tour of the wonders of Venice with us!