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Santa Maria Antiqua opens to the public after 30 years

The basilica, located on the Palatine Hill near the Colosseum, is now open to visitors again. The building was abandoned after the 847 AD earthquake. The original icon of the Virgin Mary had been hidden underground for twelve centuries. Santa Maria Antiqua opens to the public again after 30 years.

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Top 10 things to do in Rome

Rome is a so huge city that planning a trip there and choosing what to see may seem to you an impossible task at first. Don’t panic! Here you can find our special top 10 of things to do in the eternal city! 1 – Travel back in time walking

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Colisseum Tour

The Colosseum in Rome: What Was it Originally Used For?

Quite possibly the most famous structure in Rome, the Colosseum is a monumental and magnificent sight that every first-time visitor should experience. Officially known as the Flavian Amphitheater, the arena is an iconic symbol of Ancient Rome’s imperial power. However, the beautiful oval facade of tiered arches and engraved stonework

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5 interesting facts about Vatican City

Vatican City is the administrative and spiritual center of the Roman Catholic Church and the primary residence of the Pope. Situated within a walled enclave in Rome, just beyond the banks of the Tiber River, it is one of the most frequently visited sights in Italy’s capital. Due to its

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Baroque Masters: Discovering Caravaggio and Bernini in Rome

World’s apart in temperament and lifestyle, Caravaggio and Bernini are responsible for shaping Rome’s cultural landscape and revolutionizing European painting and sculpture. Memorialized throughout the city, the lives and artwork of these two Baroque Masters should be explored at every opportunity when visiting Rome. Elaborate, dramatic and persuasive in style,

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What you should know before visiting the Colosseum

Rome is an amazing city, full of architectural and ancient masterpieces. One of the most famous, and most impressive of those sites is the Colosseum.I’m sure it’s on your list of things to see and do when in Rome, however, making the most of your visit takes a little planning.

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Traditional Roman Dishes and Desserts

No holiday in Rome would be complete without experiencing the culinary delights that this world-famous region has to offer. Traditional Roman food sets itself apart from other Italian foods with distinctive flavours and unusual ingredients, which take many visitors by surprise. Traditional Roman dishes strongly feature sage, rosemary, mint and

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Why You Should Visit The Colosseum at Night

Having recently undergone extensive restoration, Rome’s legendary Colosseum is looking even more spectacular than ever before. What’s more, visitors can now explore this historic 2,000-year-old arena in the evening. We’re really excited to be able to take our guests on night tours of the Colosseum – which were previously reserved

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Visiting Italy – Family-friendly activities in Rome

Italy is renowned for its historical significance, child-friendly culture and exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, making it one of the most fascinating, accommodating and flavorsome holiday destinations for families. When visiting Italy for the first time, Rome is generally the favored starting point. And what a deliriously wonderful place it is to

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Five Tips For Visiting The Colosseum In Peak Season

The Colosseum is a marvelous structure to behold. It’s a physical connection to the ancient history of the world, and it is full of incredible stories. All of this makes it a very popular place to visit. In fact, around 5 million people per year come to see it. So,

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