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Lake Maggiore and Stresa in the footsteps of Ernest Emingway

You have probably heard of one of the most beautiful Italian lakes that is located between Italy and Switzerland. Lake Maggiore, this lake is famous for having attracted great Italian and foreign artists thanks to its indescribable beauty. The name “maggiore” (the biggest) was attributed to it for being the

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Colosseum tours

Discover Colosseum Undergrounds: a VIP restricted area

If you are into archaeology in general and you are planning to visit Rome, you will have probably heard about Colosseum Undergrounds. When thinking about the word “underground”, we may be deceived by its common use that usually refers to catacombs and crypts. At Colosseum, the undergrounds are a completely

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Best places to visit in Rome with your friends

Rome is thought to be an expensive city, out of young travelers’ reach. Well, you will be amazed by the myriad of fun things and places to discover with your friends. We suggest you mix the main highlights with insider’s sites and experiences. With some little skills, you will be

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Best panoramic spots in Rome

Formerly built on the ancient 7 Hills, Rome surely doesn’t lack breathtaking views. You can find them either in parks, gardens or among the monuments here and there in the city center. Rome has a millenary history to recount and its old town is full of fascinating places to discover.

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Feeling like a local: 5 must do in Rome

The so-called Eternal City got its nickname for a reason: from its most remote spots to its iconic monuments, everything seems to remind us of a not too far behind past, whose legacy is still able to leave us speechless. Rome is probably the most visited place in the world

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Rome on a budget: top things to do

Visiting Rome on a budget? There is no need to worry about it. The Eternal city is a major tourist destination: millions of people come to this ancient City every year, ticking out one item more from their bucket list. The Italian Capital City surely doesn’t need introductions, as its

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Discovering the Jewish Ghetto in Rome

The tiny district called Jewish Ghetto is one of the most interesting in Rome, full of anecdotes to recount and plenty of highlights to discover. Visiting this lovely neighbourhood is the best way to experience the Jewish culture, religion and traditional cuisine. The roman Jewish Ghetto is one of the

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Underground experiences in Rome: Hidden Gems of Rome

The Eternal City has a myriad of open air sites and worth seeing museums that are known all over the world. But what about the hidden gems of Rome beneath the ground? Not everybody knows that there are well-preserved treasures under the streets of this ancient city as well. These

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