Gastronomical delights of Rome Tours

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When you really wish to get to know a city, seeing it is only a small part of the experience. To fully understand a culture one of the most important aspects is its food. Only by tasting your way around a city can you really appreciate the place and the people who live there. Not only this, a city’s typical dishes and eating customs can be an excellent way in to learn about its history. Eating can be educational!

By now, one of the emblems of Italy is the pizza. First created in Naples in the late 18th century (at least in its modern form) pizza has long since spread from its birthplace to all other Italian cities and, indeed, across the world. As would be expected, Rome has adopted the pizza and made it its own. Perhaps Rome’s most notable contribution to the development of the Italian Pizza making tradition was the invention of pizza al taglio. Pizza al taglio is a slice of pizza cut directly from a large, rectangle of pizza. These ‘Roman McDonalds’ can be found on every street corner in the city and the range of flavors on offer is immense. Make a pit stop for this perfect fast and tasty bite to eat whilst you’re out and about site seeing! Pizza in Rome is not to be eaten solo, however. All true Romans order their pizza accompanied with fritti (a range of fried treats.) Two of the most popular are Suppli (rice balls with tomato sauce and mozzarella, deep-fried) and Fiori di Zucca (deep-fried zucchini blossoms.) Don’t just eat the delicious pizza on offer in Rome, learn how to make it! Join Rome Private Guides Pizza making class and learn from a real pizzaiolo (pizza maker.) You will return home an expert and be able to wow your family and friends by cooking them up an authentic pizza to accompany a viewing of your holiday photos!

Everybody knows that the Italians definitely do not steer clear of carbs! Almost as famous as pizza in Italy is pasta. Perhaps the most quintessentially Roman pasta dish is Cacio e pepe. This is made using tonnarelli (a spaghetti-like pasta), cacio cheese (a pecorino cheese made out of sheep’s milk) and black pepper. Of course, the classics Carbonara – Romans often replace pancetta with the more flavorsome pig’s cheek (guanciale)- Amatriciana and Arrabbiata (literally translated as angry, so beware of the chilli!) are not to be missed. On a sweeter note, the third Italian food-staple is gelato (ice-cream.) As can be expected, there is no shortage of gelaterias in Rome. From simple, classic flavors, to the more experimental, from dairy-free to kosher, you are guaranteed to discover your perfect gelato as you amble around Rome’s ancient streets. Among the most famous are Giolitti and San Crispino; but why not make it your mission to discover your own hidden gem of a gelateria during your stay in Rome? And if, after all your gelato sampling, you’re curious about how it is actually made, why not ask Rome Private Guides to arrange you a gelato-making demonstration. Guaranteed fun for the whole family, this is the perfect way to discover the hard work behind this delicious sweet treat. Of course, the gastronomical marvels of Rome go long beyond the staples of pizza, pasta and gelato.

 Artichokes are a ‘big thing ‘in Rome. Ask for Carciofi alla giudia for crispy deep-fried artichokes and Carciofi alla romana for artichokes stuffed with mint and garlic and topped with white wine and olive oil. For fish lovers, baccala (salted cod) is a must. And if you’re not squeamish about your meat, try Trippa alla romana(Roman-style tripe.) The wealth of local delicacies might seem a bit daunting! Rome Private Guides offers a private Market Tour, navigating you through the maze of different flavors and aromas Rome has to offer and also giving you some free samples. This really is the perfect way to begin your gastronomical exploration of Rome!

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