Ancient Rome Adventure for Kids

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Roman Forum
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Tour Description

Our Ancient Rome Adventure For Kids gives you the chance to visit the most important sites of Ancient Rome in just 3 hours. Since you will be provided with one of the best enthusiastic child-oriented guide, learning and fun are guaranteed!

Start by meeting your private guide at the Arch of Constantine near the Colosseum. Begin from the great amphitheater, where you will enter with pre-booked access. Once inside the world’s most famous amphitheater, your guide will explain all about the bloody gladiators combats and other spectacles that took place inside. Those stories will keep your kids hooked as they’ll be falling in love with all the historical greatness they’ll be experiencing.
Also known as Flavian Amphitheater, the Colosseum takes its name from the Flavian dynasty. It is not only the symbol of Ancient Rome, but the real icon of Rome itself, that will always fascinate everyone! The whole family will be simply amazed by its beauty and the incredible stories lying behind it shared by your expert guide. The emperors Vespasian, Titus and Domitian belonged to this important family and it was under their reigns that the Colosseum was built.

Your tour of Ancient Roman times will continue to the picturesque Palatine Hill, where the emperors and nobility built their houses. Just as you’ll be done with the beautiful Palatine Hill, your next stop will be the impressive Roman Forum, the official meeting point of Ancient Rome. Your guide will bring to life these ancient ruins and tell you about the fascinating history behind them. Provided electronic supplies will enrich your tour, like the IPad or 3D overlay books to entertain the children and help them visualize the fascinating history of the sites they visit. This has been found to aid memory while visiting, allowing them to remember for a longer period of time what they’ve witnessed, making it more engaging and worthwhile.

By the end of your 3 hour tour, you will become a great master of Ancient Rome!

Ready to live the ultimate Ancient Rome experience for families? Just contact us and book our Ancient Rome Adventure For Kids!

Tour's Notes

Please bring an ID document for children as proof of age for the reduced price access.
When accessing the monument, Colosseum visitors will be asked to pass security checks, even when entering with pre-booked access. Please make sure you DO NOT have pointed large umbrellas and knives of any sizes with you. Liquids are allowed but only if in plastic bottles. Remember that you can refill your containers in the fountains inside the Colosseum. Backpacks are allowed inside the Colosseum if very small in size; shoulder bags or handbags are permitted if regular size.
We suggest you wear comfortable shoes, as a moderate amount of walking is involved in this tour.
This tour operates in all weather conditions.

3-hour private child-oriented guide
access for the Colosseum (euros 24)


By the short side of the Arch of Constantine, facing the Colosseum