Tour of Colosseum only with Arena Entrance

Tour Description

Skip the Line and Enter the Colosseum through the Gladiators’ Entrance

Join our small group of up to 30 people and enter the Colosseum through a special reserved entrance once used by the gladiators themselves! Our pre-purchased access allow you to walk straight past the long queue and head to a special reserved access of the Colosseum.

Explore the First and Second Level with an Expert Guide

Led by a licensed English-speaking guide who is an expert in Ancient Roman history and archaeology, your tour will take you to the first and second level of the Colosseum. Hear exciting tales of the combats and spectacles that once took place in the Colosseum, and learn everything you ever wanted to know about this must-see site.

Step onto the Colosseum’s Central Stage

Prepare to make your triumphal entrance just as the Gladiators used to do more than 2000 years ago. Step out directly onto the Colosseum’s central stage and experience the thrill of standing where history was made.

Book Now for an Interactive and Informative Tour

At our office, just a few minutes away from the Colosseum, you will meet the rest of your small friendly group and be introduced to your passionate, entertaining guide.

Our guide is completely at your disposal, so don’t be shy and ask as many questions as come to mind.

Book now for a once-in-a-lifetime experience of the Colosseum with our Express Tour with Arena Entrance.

Pre-reserved access to enter the Colosseum
Enter the Colosseum through the special Gladiator’s Entrance
Access the arena stage of the Colosseum (closed to the general public)

Colosseum Arena (restricted area)

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Tour's Notes

Please Note: to access the Colosseum you need to add in your reservation the exact name and last name of all participants in your reservation, child name has to be specified. In case of mistake in writing your name and last name in your reservation, if the Colosseum access controllers denied the access due to the wrong name and last name we decline any responsability and NO REFUND will be provided

1 hour English-speaking guide
Access with Arena entrance (euros 24)
Headsets for a better listening


Meet your guide In front of Santa Cosma and Damiano Church located along via dei fori imperiali, just 2 minutes away from the entry of the Colosseum.