Trame di Luce in Rome: A Mesmerizing Light Art Exhibition in the Heart of the Eternal City Tours

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If you’re planning on visiting the city of Rome you surely know that there’s an endless amount of beauty and culture to explore in this place. Between its amazing historical buildings like the Colosseum and the Pantheon and its monuments and art galleries, it can be easy to only focus on the main things that the city of Rome has to offer but don’t make this mistake! Whilst it’s important to visit these areas, which we suggest you do through a private tour of the city of Rome in a day, The Eternal City is, in fact, also filled with modern and particular exhibitions that will surely blow your mind. One of these has to be the “TRAME DI LUCE”. This Light Art Exhibition will be held up until January 7th, 2024 and it’s definitely worth attending!

Let’s find out something more about Trame di Luce, the Light Art exhibition in the heart of Rome!

Exploring Rome’s Botanical Garden Through Trame di Luce

As previously mentioned, the Trame di Luce art exhibition is located in a very common area of the city of Rome. You will be able to find it as you approach the Trastevere neighborhood from a walk up the Janiculum Hill in the Orto Botanico. If you want to explore the Trastevere Neighborhood in-depth, you can book a private tour of the neighborhood. Starting November 14th, Trame di Luce is being held right into Rome’s Botanical Garden, creating a wonderful experience surrounded by incredible Light Art and nature. The exhibition is curated by IMG and Events and it will be held for the Holidays up until January 7th.

The Sensorial Journey of Trame di Luce: Light Art in Rome

The exhibition takes place in an external environment as it is located right into Rome’s Botanical Garden so, as soon as the day starts to turn into the evening and the sunlight starts to go down, the garden turns into an amazing and immersive show that beautifully manages to connect both nature and artificial art.

The Trame di Luce exhibition is also characterized by the playing of very soft music which follows the light art, creating a full-on experience for visitors, who will completely get lost in the beauty of the show.

The music playing in the background as a soundtrack has been composed by Alberto Bof, the same man who also wrote songs from the infamous movie “A Star Is Born”, starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. His music guides the visitor through a sensorial experience, creating the perfect balance between being in a soft dream and a dynamic atmosphere.

Savoring the Culinary Delights of Trame di Luce in Rome

The whole exhibition extends through a path that takes around an hour to complete. During this hour you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of these light shows. Right after the exhibition, you will get to a food area where you will be able to restore your energies and share thoughts about the experience with the people who came with you. This area is called “Luci di gusto” which literally translates to “taste of light” and it creates the perfect atmosphere for a special moment with your family or significant other. Here you will also be able to try some traditional food from various regions and cities of Italy such as a “cuoppo” of fried goods from Naples or amazing stuffed olives from Abruzzo.


Attending the Trame di Luce Light Art exhibition is an amazing way to discover something different in the city of Rome and get a wonderful experience that is not available to you everyday! Make sure you take advantage of this light art exhibition while you still can and, if you want to get to know more about Italy and the city of Rome, make sure you check out our other blogs and book a private tour with us for a great experience!