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Rome is a so huge city that planning a trip there and choosing what to see may seem to you an impossible task at first. Don’t panic! Here you can find our special top 10 of things to do in the eternal city!

1 – Travel back in time walking along Roman Forum. The Forum was the real center of social and political life: you will be rounded by ancient ruins, as well as the magnificent Colosseum.

2 – Climb Gianicolo Hill, it will be a magical experience both at night hours and during the day. If you are planning to go to Gianicolo during the day, then you are going to admire an amazing show: in order to remember the time that the battle for Rome was won, an ancient canon fires every day at midday.

However, besides the firing cannon, you are going to see also a breathtaking panorama over Rome City Center.

3 – Stroll around along the stands located in Rome most famous market: Campo de’ Fiori. Stop here and there to have a taste of genuine products of roman origins: there is no trip to Rome without tasting of local cuisine!

4 – Follow the traces of Jewish traditions with a relaxing walk in the Jewish District, one of the most ancient and remarkable all over Europe. You will be able to even get a taste of Jewish culinary traditions! We recommend to you the delicious Carciofi alla Giudia (artichokes Jewish style), a true Roman specialty.

5 – Visit Borghese Gallery where some of the best artworks from Caravaggio, Bernini and Titian are preserved. Borghese Gallery is located inside the beautiful Borghese Park, right in Rome city center.

6 – Visit Trevi Fountain at night hours, to live an even more suggestive experience. Trevi Fountain is a symbol location in Rome: many movie directors set his movies here, such as Fellini Dolce Vita. Also roman citizen come here every now and then to throw a coin here: it is believed that it is a sign of good luck!

7 – Take a walk in the most characteristic quarter in Rome: Trastevere! Whether you choose to visit it at day or night you are going to discover 2 different sides of this area. In fact, during the daytime, you will be able to concentrate more on artisanal shops along the streets, while at night you will be rounded by locals who hang out and meet there.

The cobblestone alleys rounded by historical buildings seem to have a fascinating atmosphere that resembles to the one of a small Italian town, something you won’t ever forget in your life!

8 – Learn all about the secret of Aventine Hill by walking around the Orange Garden and then, towards Knights of Malta Square. Don’t’ forget to have a look at the secret keyhole located here. It is on a doorway that leads to private gardens belonging to Priory of the Knights of Malta, that gave the name to this location.

What you will get is an amazing view over St. Peter dome!

9 – Discover the architectonic wonders of Pantheon. Pantheon is a religious building dated back to Ancient Rome Era, once dedicated to all divinities. Nowadays it is used for Christian celebration and turned itself into a church. However, what you can admire is the magnificence of his holed dome, from which the daylight comes out.

10 – Find out the secret passages and the wonders of Vatican visiting Castel S. Angelo and Sistine Chapel. Not everyone knows that Castel S.Angelo has a secret pathway built to let the Pope escape from his enemies in the past. Also, the breathtaking Sistine Chapel has a passage that allows you to go directly to the Basilica.

Which are your favorites places in Rome? Share with us your TOP 10.

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