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Rome is an amazing city, full of architectural and ancient masterpieces. One of the most famous, and most impressive of those sites is the Colosseum.I’m sure it’s on your list of things to see and do when in Rome, however, making the most of your visit takes a little planning. So, here’s our guide on what you need to know before visiting the Colosseum.

Why the Colosseum is So Remarkable

The image of the Colosseum, that imposing ancient amphitheater, is instantly recognizable. It dates back to 72AD, and it was originally named the ‘Flavian Amphitheater’ after the emperor who built it.

The first ‘ games’ it held were in 80AD. There were around 3,000 gladiator fights held over 100 days.

Gladiator fights were quite a special occasion – emperors used them to keep the masses happy and to buy favor. However, Gladiators were ‘owned’, and since they needed to be strong and fit to serve their purpose – they were also quite expensive to keep, so gladiatorial fights were usually the finale of an event. The wait undoubtedly heightened the excitement for, and popularity of the gladiatorial battles. Reenactments of battles and animal fights were also popular at the Colosseum.

When you visit Rome and go inside the Colosseum it’s impossible not to imagine what those events and battles must’ve been like. The whole structure is 48m high, and with it covering a total of 6 acres, it is a really imposing picture. It’s little wonder that upwards of 5 million people visit here annually.

The Colosseum is both instantly recognizable and imposing. Sadly, it was used as a quarry at one stage for other buildings in Italy, until Pope Benedict XIV, who also made it a consecrated site, stopped that.

Its location

The Colosseum is located in the center of Rome – by the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum. It is well served by public transport – the metro station is close by and plenty of buses run by the Colosseum.

Consider Taking a Tour.

Getting the most out of your visit to the Colosseum takes just a little planning. I’d definitely recommend that you take an organized tour of the Colosseum, because:

  • Your tour company will most likely offer skip the line tickets (if you choose wisely). This will save you so much time and you will avoid waiting in the lines of visitors who haven’t booked ahead.
  • You’ll benefit from the tour guide’s knowledge.They’ll share this with you as you walk around the arena. You’ll be able to ask questions, and above all you’ll be better placed to imagine what the Colosseum was like back in ancient times, leaving you with memories of a building you’ll never forget.
  • There’s a great deal to see in the building and going by yourself can be overwhelming, and you might miss something important.

There’s a great deal of choice available when it comes to tours – you’ll find something to suit you and/or your party’s needs and budget.

Once inside the Colosseum, you can’t help but imagine what it would have been like to be part of the crowd. It could hold 50,000 people.

Go Back at Night

Once you’ve toured the Colosseum, make sure you return in the evening to see the structure lit up. It looks as glorious as night, as it does during the day. You can also tour the Colosseum at night with Colosseum and Vatican Tours.

Caption: At sunset and sundown, the Colosseum looks very atmospheric. At Colosseum and Vatican Tours, we run tours at night – it’s cooler, quieter and the dungeons are very atmospheric at this time of day!

Visit at the Right Time to Maximise Your Time

10 am is usually the peak time for tourists to arrive at the Colosseum. It’s around this time that the line/ queue is fairly large, so you want to avoid turning up to buy entrance tickets at this point.

However, if you have booked to visit the Colosseum as part of a tour – especially with ourselves at Colosseum and Vatican Tours – lines won’t affect you, and you’ll be able to go right through the entrance with your tour guide.

Take the Kids on A Tour Designed especially for Them

Some of the best tour companies will offer specialized tours geared to suit the needs of your party. At Colosseum and Vatican Tours, we offer tours of the Colosseum and Ancient Rome that are designed for children and young people. Our guides use special interactive tools to help captivate the attention of your children so that they really understand what they are seeing, and are able to remember the trip for years to come.

Access Otherwise Off-Limits Areas

Would you like to experience the Colosseum’s dungeons and arena? Some tours are able to access such restricted areas. As night falls, you can heighten the atmosphere of your tour by exploring areas that are otherwise off-limits.

Explore Rome with Colosseum and Vatican Tours.

Here at Colosseum and Vatican Tours, we know this sight like the back of our hand. We offer tours of Rome that are insider tours that you can trust. We’d love to show you around.

Here’s why our tours can enhance your vacation in Rome:

“We had a wishlist of things to see in Rome, and the Colosseum was the top of it for us. If you are thinking that just seeing the sites is enough, you are wrong. You will never capture the true magnificent history of this wonderful city. Denis [our tour guide] had all the well know facts, but what made it so special for us was all the lesser-known information about these well-known landmarks he told us. Thank you again so much for a fantastic tour.” Rachelgilham, TripAdvisor You can read the review and others in full on our TripAdvisor Page.

You can see full details of these tours here at our website: colosseumandvaticantours.com

You can find more reviews and travel inspiration on our Facebook and Twitter pages, also. Alternatively, get in touch with us direct – details on our website.

We look forward to showing you around!

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