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Having recently undergone extensive restoration, Rome’s legendary Colosseum is looking even more spectacular than ever before. What’s more, visitors can now explore this historic 2,000-year-old arena in the evening. We’re really excited to be able to take our guests on night tours of the Colosseum – which were previously reserved for VIP and private groups only – because it provides a unique opportunity to discover this 50,000-seater gladiatorial amphitheater in a completely different way.

Less Crowded

When the sun begins to set, the swathes of tourists vacate the arena and head back to their hotels or into the city center for dinner and drinks. This is when we strike! We head to the colosseum at the best time of day – under the glow of the moonlight, when it’s less crowded and more enjoyable to explore. It’s incredibly peaceful, which lends itself well to discovering the fascinating architecture and history of this magnificent structure.

Cooler Temperature

Under the glaring afternoon sun, temperatures in the Colosseum can get quite high, particularly amongst the large crowds. During a night tour, it’s much cooler and a more comfortable time to explore this vast arena. You won’t be distracted by trying to keep yourself cool and hydrated – you can take your time and tour the site with ease.

Underground Access

On a limited basis, visitors on night tours have exclusive access to previously restricted underground tunnels and arena floor areas. Your guide will share fascinating tales of Ancient Rome as you explore the vast network of tunnels, dungeons, passages, and chambers (collectively known as the hypogeum) where tigers and lions were caged and gladiators prepared their weapons for gruesome battle.

From the center of the intimidating outdoor arena floor, you’ll have unhindered 360-degree views of the entire Colosseum. It’s quite a sight, and you’ll begin to imagine how the gladiators and animals must have felt amidst the deafening cheers of some 50,000 spectators that once lined the arena. Thankfully those terrifying days are long gone.

Impressive Illumination

The only thing more impressive than Rome during the day is Rome at night, under the soft light of the moon and the glow of the street lamps. The same is true of the Colosseum. It has a mystical, eerie quality that is amplified in the evenings when the crowds have left and the sun has set.

Visiting the Colosseum at night allows you to see it in a whole new light, quite literally. It is beautifully illuminated, with strategically placed lights emphasizing the stone arches, carving, and tiered seating. In this magical nocturnal setting, you will really appreciate the vast size and outstanding design of the arena.

Small-Group Size

Our night tours of the Colosseum are limited to 25 people. This allows our guests to hear and interact with their expert licensed guide and with each other. You won’t struggle to be heard when asking questions, nor will the fascinating facts and stories be lost amidst the cacophony of large crowds of tourists and school tours. You will also get much better views of the arena – ideal for taking photographs without lots of strangers in the background!

Complimentary Buffet

Prior to our night tour of the Colosseum, we will share a selection of drinks and snacks at our office near the arena. You can get to know your guide and other tour participants in a relaxed and social setting, which is especially great if you’re traveling solo. A little light refreshment will also keep you alert and energized for soaking up the amazing sights and facts you’ll discover throughout the tour!

Book a Night Tour of The Colosseum

If you’d like to explore the Colosseum at night, our exclusive Moonlight Small Group Tour of The Colosseum takes place each Friday and Saturday (and occasional Thursday) from April to October. Suitable for all, including solo travelers, couples, children, groups, students, and business visitors – we look forward to welcoming you and showing you the sights!]]>

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