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No holiday in Rome would be complete without experiencing the culinary delights that this world-famous region has to offer. Traditional Roman food sets itself apart from other Italian foods with distinctive flavours and unusual ingredients, which take many visitors by surprise. Traditional Roman dishes strongly feature sage, rosemary, mint and cinnamon, as well as artichokes, peas and fava beans. So why not couple your tour of Ancient Rome with some traditional local cuisine? The experience will transport you back in time and add another dimension to your Roman holiday.

Roman Pizza Recipes

If Italy is known for one thing, it has to be pizza. Naturally, anyone travelling to Rome will want to sample some real Italian pizza recipes, but you should keep in mind that Roman pizza isn’t quite the same as other pizzas in Italy. Pizza alla Romana, as it is known, has a distinctively crispy crust, and often features aubergine, stracciatella cheese and fresh marjoram, a herb in the same family as oregano. You’ll find traditional pizza places on almost every corner in Rome, often serving side dishes of fried treats such as suppli (rice balls with mozzarella) and fiori di zucca (courgette flowers). Pizza is the ultimate family-friendly food, and you can even treat your little ones to a food tour around Rome for a truly memorable family holiday.

Roman Pasta Dishes

Pasta in Rome is quite different from how we’ve come to know it in countries outside of Italy. When it comes to pasta, the Romans take a minimalist approach, sometimes using as few as four ingredients in a recipe. The famous cacio e pepe is one of these, consisting of spaghetti, butter, course ground black pepper and Pecorino Romano cheese. This recipe has been a tradition in Rome for centuries, and it’s a central part of the Roman love of rich, comforting food. You’ll also see a more familiar traditional pasta dish in the form of spaghetti alla carbonara, but this time made with raw egg yolk, black pepper, guanciale and Pecorino Romano. Although it might be a little different to your usual carbonara, it’ll put the icing on the cake of a traditional Roman experience.

Delicious Roman Desserts

Indulgence is a central part of the Roman food ideology, and nowhere is this more apparent than in traditional Roman desserts. The crostata di ricotta is an irresistibly creamy tart, made with ricotta cheese, lemon, cinnamon and candied fruits. A local favourite, it will immerse you in the sweeter side of Roman life. The most famous Italian treat of all, gelato, is available in abundance in Rome, and you won’t be disappointed by the unbelievable richness of this ice cream. You’ll find gelaterias everywhere, including in the bustling food markets, where you can take a private tasting tour and be guided through some of the city’s true traditional delicacies.

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