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Bassano del Grappa is one of the most populous and developed cities in the Veneto.

In addition to the rapidly growing industrial economy and active cultural activities, Bassano also has a delicious gastronomic tradition: you cannot leave without having tasted asparagus, cod and grappa.

In the central square of the old hill, there is the majestic womb of the Virgin Mary and the Dal Corno Bonato house, whose external walls were frescoed by Jacopo Da Ponte known as Bassano. Also great is the Loggia del Comune, built in the 15th century.

The entire human settlement is dotted with magnificent buildings and precious decorations: walking in the quiet square is in fact very suggestive.

Ponte Vecchio Bridge

However, the real jewel of Bassano is the famous bridge, designed by Palladio with wood, so its elasticity can compensate for the turbulence of the Brenta river. Due to the river and the bombings it suffered several serious damage, but it was always renovated according to the indications of Palladio, but the idea was rejected because the proposed design was too similar to the architecture of the Roman bridges. It was therefore decided to keep the original one as a project, but bringing cutting-edge technical and structural solutions.

The last reconstruction can be traced back to the postwar period of the Alpini.

The historic center of Bassano del Grappa

In the historic center of Bassano del Grappa, in the central square of Monte Vecchio, admire the imposing Palazzo del Monte di Pietà and the Dal Corno Bonato house, whose façade boasts frescoes by Jacopo Da Ponte known as Bassano. A stop at the Ezzelini Castle and the Cathedral of Santa Maria in Colle, begun in 1000 and rebuilt in 1417, is mandatory.

In Piazza della Libertà, the neoclassical church of San Giovanni built in 1300 by the architect Miazzi and the Chapel del Sacramento in Baroque style. Also not to be missed is the church of San Francesco, inside which you can admire the Madonna and Child, Sant’Antonio and San Francesco. You cannot fail to notice the Civic Tower that dominates the entire historic center, the tower dates back to the 13th century. The Votive Temple of the Fallen in neo-Gothic style is worth a visit; conceived at the beginning of the twentieth century, it was destined after the Great War to the Ossuary of the Fallen of the Grappa. 6000 soldiers are buried in this place.

Bassano is a charming little big city, full of history and art. Have you already visited it? If not take advantage of one of our daytrip from Venice.