Experience the Path of the Gods in the Amalfi Coast Tours

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If you are dreaming of a fascinating Amalfi Coast day trip with the aim of exploring off the beaten track, then you should definitely include the Path of the Gods in your bucket list. The Path of Gods is hiking trail in Campania region along the Lattari Mountains, a mountain range between Sorrentine Peninsula and Amalfi Coast.

This Path is 7 km long and it connects Bomerano, a district of Agerola, with Nocelle, which is part of the Positano area. The Path of Gods is certainly one of the most beautiful places where to experience nature and amazing views. It takes the name from the legend that recounts that this was the road where Greek Gods went to save Odysseus from mermaids.

Considered for centuries the only way to connect the towns along Amalfi Coast, it was used as a mule track and turned into a hiking trail recently, after the building of the new road along the coast under the order of the House of Bourbon during the XIX Century.

Check out below to discover how to walk the Path of Gods!


Following the Path of Gods

Although it is possible to begin your path from different locations along the Coast, the best way to start is definitely in Bomerano, which you can easily reach by bus and following the signs for the path. Both villages of Bomerano and Nocelle are above the sea, with a moderate difficulty level. The walk from Bomerano is quite gentle and it becomes more and more downhill once in Nocelle, where it is possible either to take a 1500 steps stairway to Positano or finally take the bus.

During summertime, you can take 300 steps more to enjoy the lovely Arienzo Beach in the surroundings of Nocelle and swim in the bright blue Italian Sea.

Along the hiking trail, it is likely to find here and there some relics that witness the ancient use of this road. It will be like traveling back in time to a rural past, staring at the incredible nature around you and the breathtaking views.


Plan your visit to the Path of Gods

The Path of Gods is always open to the public and its access is free.

To walk this stunning trail, you would need at least 3 hours. Especially during summer, it is recommended to start your journey early in the morning to avoid the peak heat of the day, which may make the difficulty level harder.

The Path of Gods is a moderate walking itinerary, therefore it is suggested for adults or teens only. If you are traveling with young kids, this is not the best route along the coast for you since it is not provided with smooth paths for strollers and its length could be too hard for the little ones.

Spring and early autumn are the best times of the year for trying this panoramic track as the weather is sunny, without being too hot. Do not forget comfortable hiking shoes and clothes plus water and some snacks for a break along the way: there are several picnic areas where to stop and admire the panorama.

It is possible to take the Path of Gods either alone or with a local guide. If it is your first hiking experience, we recommend you hire a guide to avoid getting lost and get the best out of it.